Classwork and Priorities !(

My priorities have almost always been centered around what makes me feel good, and not what’s good for me. However, as someone recently pointed out to me, I have been commissioned to do everything to best of my ability, and to the fullest for it is to God I work; it is to God I eat; it is to Him I speak; and it is to Him I give back my entire life. I am no longer my own, but it is He I now live for. I am an ambassador for Christ, a light to those wandering in the darkness and should perform accordingly (should? more like, I would love to). So Lord, please help me. PLEASE help me. PLEASE, please, PLEASE help me. Train me in the ways I should go, so when I’m old I won’t depart from them. Set my feet on path’s of righteousness for your name’s sake. Help me enter in to your presence daily, by the blood of the lamb, that I could come to you without spot or blemish; then I could be the man you know me to be. Jesus, I can’t do it anything without your help. This is my heart’s cry-


~ by Graham Pointer on January 8, 2010.

One Response to “Classwork and Priorities !(”

  1. Man, I look back on some of these posts, and it brings tear to my eyes. God is sooo good. Really, every prayer has been answered and provided for in Christ. I breathe deep, while you are the air I breath… man…. thank you…

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