Goodbye Facebook


You know I can’t lie to you. I can’t say it was my first thought, but I do love you. I want to give you anything that would make you happy. I am surely yours, through the awesome sacrifice and love offering you made on the cross. I am firmly planted in you, my rock. I realize now, that my life has gone astray in my areas of wants. I thank you for another chance over again to draw closer to you and away from self-centered, ego-driven desires. I denounce the old me, turning from my insatiable worldly hunger, no longer ravenous and destructive. I run to you. If I can but glimpse Help me stay disciplined, I have faith; but Lord cure my unbelief. Help me train my mind to seek those things of you.

You know better than I about what I think I want. Something shiny and new, some new gadget… whatever snare looks pleasing at the moment…. I cast them down and exalt you! No thing here on earth is worth it without you at the masthead.

So, I lift up these time stealers to you, oh Lord. My iPhone, my Facebook… I’ll let nothing stand in the way of our intimacy and time together. I can’t live without you, and I yearn for more time in You.

Your Loving Son,



~ by Graham Pointer on January 11, 2010.

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