Thank you, Thank you! Glory Glory!

Lord I seek  YOU↑ !! I surely feel tired, and slow but nothing will stand in our way. Lord, I’ll not wait for another blessing, or sign. I’ll not wait for that “feeling” inside, for I know we’re never apart, despite what my brain may tell me. I choose you! I’ll not listen any longer to the flesh, my body, the world, or any man but you, and you alone! Lord I NEED YOU! If I said it twenty times it wouldn’t come any closer. My spirit sings and longs for you. I’ve never “written in tongues,” but just know I have a pressure inside my belly for you, waiting to get out and sing to you; to sing about you; to share your love and beauty! It yearns in me to shine. I’ll say it again, You’re the one I love, and I don’t want to chase anything else in this world but your presence, your love, your tenderness, your sweet presence, that floating dance we do when it’s just me and you (no matter who may see). I love you and thank you. Jesus, I love you and don’t want another day without giving you my praise in the good, and in the bad. Pastor said “ugly praise” and I believe it, for I know my life will not match up to your word, and even then I’ll know you’re not lying, but always faithful and love me more than I can know; but Lord, I seek to understand more and more, I know you’ll not let me down. Amen


~ by Graham Pointer on January 17, 2010.

One Response to “Thank you, Thank you! Glory Glory!”

  1. This is really awesome! me and Rachel Evans decided that God has given you a strong anointing for your writing! Keep it up!

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