Found Something I Didn’t Know I’d Lost

This morning we did something a little bit different for prayer. Instead of our normal routine, which is an hour of prayer in the student center with low lights and loud music, we went to the main sanctuary for a prayer warrior morning. Pastor Shane led us in prayer and shared some words on the purpose and direction for the prayer meeting (this was to clear the A.I.R) Specifically we were to be praying against A.bortion, I.mmorality, and R.acism in our state and region.

We loosely gathered together, more like all together yet personally and prayed in agreement with each other. Sometime during the meeting we switched our prayer focus against immorality. It was during this time that I was prompted within myself to pray for certain people that were once in my life. I began to pray for them; I remembered how Jesus was able to speak to the father for those of who were lost; I remembered that He was there for us, praying for us when we couldn’t. I stood in for those people, I asked sincerely for them. I’m pretty sure I can’t “get them saved,” but I do believe they can receive healing and love, and be brought to that place of acceptance and surrender. I don’t claim to know everything, but I know there was something awakened in me during our prayer session.


~ by Graham Pointer on January 23, 2010.

One Response to “Found Something I Didn’t Know I’d Lost”

  1. God has definitely been stirring my heart for the lost and unsaved as well. Don’t loose hope and diligently seek God in ministering. Once the seed is planted within your friends He will begin to cultivate it.

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