God Answers prayers

We ministered in the Sunday service this morning @CLF in Calera, Alabama. It was beyond expectations. I’m glad we spent a lot of time gearing up for this trip, because it was well worth it. Even before the service, a man I knew broke down sobbing as we prayed with him. As a side note, I have been thinking about this guy for a long while, praying for him weekly. We even got together and prayed specially for him the night before the service. He cried the entire the service. He wasn’t the only one. Many people were visibly moved, and even more responded to pastor’s challenge at the end of service.  The response was definitely worth the time and effort. Now I pray that these changes would be lasting, and that the Holy Spirit would tend the soil of their hearts, and not let them be the shallow paths or the weed choked soil.

Internet family, I know the power of the Almighty. He knows no bounds. Your prayers help, I know they do. Just as an example, I received a confirmation on this several days ago, when a young lady sent me post reply. This encouraging reply was sent at almost the exact time we were praying for the service. So, just because you don’t know me personally, we’re still brothers and sisters in Christ, and we have the same heavenly Daddy. One body, many parts…. Let’s work together


~ by Graham Pointer on January 24, 2010.

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