LYM Confrence

Twin Cities Master’s Commission went to Lake Charles this weekend. We worked as staff for the youth convention/state wide fine arts event. The fine arts part was fun, and a couple of the participants I watched were so anointed they made me cry. One particular father daughter duo caught my attention. They were both so happy together; when they finished, I told the father how awesome the sight of them together was, and that I pray someday I’ll play the guitar with my daughter. His response spoke love into heart.
He said “no matter what you do, spend time with your baby girl. If she wants to go deer huntin’, take her with you. If she wants to go shoot at squirrel, go with her; and if she wants you to play barbie dolls, get down on your knees and play barbies with her. I don’t ever have to go lookin’ for my little girl, ’cause I know right where she’s at.” (paraphrase) Thank God for that same love; abundant love; He cares so much he spend all the time with us we want.
P.S.-I got blessed while I was there, but not in a normal sort of way. Joy was restored into me, through both my friends and total strangers receiving gifts and blessings. One in particular, a friend of mine named TC. He has been somewhat discouraged that others seem to be hearing from God, while he feels distant. So, I have kept him in my prayers, knowing that God is intimate with us, and he loves us, and that it’s not a question of “if” He’ll talk to us, but more a question of when and are we willing to give God that much time. In a sense, it builds our faith, waiting and not giving up. So, long story short, he came up to me crying at convention. He had gotten his word! (in other words, God had not forgotten about him, and He did still in fact love TC very much). Praise the LORD! Amen


~ by Graham Pointer on April 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “LYM Confrence”

  1. mmmm Loved what cowboy man said. Very good blog Grahm.

  2. That was awesome! Just hearing about it made me tear up!

  3. thats awesome!! glad to hear that!

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