I moved to West Monroe not knowing what I would find here, only knowing with a faith inside me that this is where He was calling me. His grace and provision was plenty evident, ’cause everything I needed for a seemingly impossible change was made. Money, school, family, relationships… everything fell in place. More than fell into place, it obeyed His word, reality bent to his foreordained plan. He made a way where there was no way because that’s how He wanted it.

Now I’m here; now what… I’m not lost… but what am I doing here?

For whoever cares, God has not changed! He has not gone back on His word! He has not changed His mind, and He doesn’t fall out of love with me because I haven’t lived up to His expectations.

The lies that are eating away at my surety, eating away at my faith are just that; Filthy lies, no substance, less than a vapor, they’re merely a thought implanted by the Devil to see me to ruin. It’s not enough for the Devil to know he is going to eventually lose, but he wants to make sure as many people go with him as he can deceive.

I will be in the number of saints when Jesus comes back; I will persevere through trial, and I will be stuck firmly in God’s grace. I know more now than when I started that I can’t do it by my might, I can’t do it by my works!

Please pray for me, that these creeping doubts will get their tails whipped straight out of God’s temple once more, and this time for good.

What does this have to do with you, you may ask? I’d say that whatever God gives me is not and has never been for me. So, when God saves me again, and brings me back from death, it’s for you; I can be a light of truth, that Jesus lives. I can be a light of truth into the darkness pressing in on you, that you will make it (STICK WITH HIM!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!)


~ by Graham Pointer on November 29, 2010.

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