Learning is Awesome

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Learning Greek is Fun

I am an avid learner, and when I catch on to something new I like to drive after it, sometimes at the expense of other things (but that’s just me). A couple of months ago, I really got hold of the Greek (language) bug, and pressed hard into learning Greek on my own time. Well, now it’s time for my Biblical languages class, and we’re to the dreaded Hebrew learning.

But the thing is, I love a challenge! So, as hard and hair-pulling as it is, I love it! It’s just the making myself study part that gets hard… 🙂

For anybody who wants to learn along with us, these videos are a really good place to start (I suggest getting the textbook also, because it is invaluable having something in front of you to reference!)

First Video: Learn the first two letters (Alef and Beyt) and a vowel (Qamatz)

Second Video: Learn the third and fourth letters (Gimmel and Dalet) and a vowel (Patach)

Third Video: Learn the fifth and sixth letters (He and Vav) and a vowel (Segol)

Fourth Video: Learn the seventh and eighth letter (Tzayin and Chet) and a vowel (Sheva)

Well, that’s all for now. I’m with this guy, that it’s good to spend at least 20 minutes, but don’t over do it! And repetition is the key!

Btw, for anyone wondering or unsure, Jewish people are awesome! So don’t give ’em a hard time, don’t harass them, don’t judge them. But do love them, and show them the love of Christ. They are looking for the Messiah, the Christ; show them a living representation of the King. Love y’all, bye:)


~ by Graham Pointer on March 16, 2011.

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