SUM Is Coming To A Close

Wow, I think I actually accomplished something! After three years I can only just vaguely remember the mindset that I had when I entered into college. I know I was zealous, I had experienced God’s manifest presence, His touch. I’ve not lost my hunger for Him, and yet I’ve gained a greater awareness of just how much I need Him. I feel the winds of change, I recognize His hand in this transition.

I have less than three months left, really only one month until my formal graduation. My future plans have not appeared as I had hoped they would, but I am for sure trusting that all the opportunities are working and forming for the right time for them to be harvested, for the right time to show themselves.


I’ve had very few legitimate job offers, but that does not deter me. There is a great, great need for workers in God’s kingdom, so the need is there.

I guess the main purpose of my writing today was to show off my friends, my surrogate family in whom I am very proud. We have lost several classmates along the way, some to ministry careers, and yet some to apathy. These are my friends, real people who have been through the trials of life and rejoiced in them, who have taken God’s will and run with it!

(all images were photographed by a friend of mine, Angela Gross. She is a talented photographer, and she now owns and operates her own business, Unveiled Radiance)



~ by Graham Pointer on March 19, 2012.

One Response to “SUM Is Coming To A Close”

  1. Yea, the reality if this season coming to a close hit me hard this past Sat. as I was moving a lot of things back home. I felt like I cried off an on all day… Partly for anticipation/not knowing what’s next, but mainly because this season with my very best of friends is coming to a close… And not that we all wont remain friends, but our lives are about to launch forward separately. I have so very much enjoyed the last 3 years God has blessed me with with all of my friends. It has certainly been a pleasure.

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