SUM Is Coming To A Close

•March 19, 2012 • 1 Comment

Wow, I think I actually accomplished something! After three years I can only just vaguely remember the mindset that I had when I entered into college. I know I was zealous, I had experienced God’s manifest presence, His touch. I’ve not lost my hunger for Him, and yet I’ve gained a greater awareness of just how much I need Him. I feel the winds of change, I recognize His hand in this transition.

I have less than three months left, really only one month until my formal graduation. My future plans have not appeared as I had hoped they would, but I am for sure trusting that all the opportunities are working and forming for the right time for them to be harvested, for the right time to show themselves.


I’ve had very few legitimate job offers, but that does not deter me. There is a great, great need for workers in God’s kingdom, so the need is there.

I guess the main purpose of my writing today was to show off my friends, my surrogate family in whom I am very proud. We have lost several classmates along the way, some to ministry careers, and yet some to apathy. These are my friends, real people who have been through the trials of life and rejoiced in them, who have taken God’s will and run with it!

(all images were photographed by a friend of mine, Angela Gross. She is a talented photographer, and she now owns and operates her own business, Unveiled Radiance)



Still Strummin’ On My Ole’ Guitar

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I have been having a blast playing the guitar, for about six months now. I got started because I saw a friend of mine banging out a song; it was harsh, raw, honest song that was so real that it made me cry. I’m loving using my guitar to get to that place in my own life.
Though I may not be awesome, I am having a great time learning.
One more thing: Persevere, Stick With It, Don’t Quit. We’re called to be finishers. Run the race marked out for you!

Hey, I just ran into some new music that’s AWESOME! thanks to @baileyflores_ (she’s an awesome and anointed worship leader also!)

This is a song called “Set a Fire,” just click the play button below.

Set a Fire

College, One More Time!

•August 27, 2011 • 1 Comment

Summer is officially over and with the new season comes new responsibilities. I get to watch out for the newcomers and enjoy new facets of ministry (which brings responsibility even just in integrity)! But with the new season also comes new joys and greater camaraderie.
Things to remember for the new school year:
1.Don’t panic
2. Don’t get discouraged
3. Don’t quit
4. Press in, don’t let up!

Oh yeah, I started playing the guitar. I saw a friend of mine worshipping Jesus, and I immediately knew what I wanted to pick up this year… Guitar for Jesus!


An entire summer at camp

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Last summer a friend of mine got to work at the kids camp for the Louisiana Assemblies of God for four weeks. When I heard about it I was almost jealous! I long to live in His presence, doing his work here in earth. To make a long story short, God presented an opportunity for me to work at camp this summer. Not only have I worked at kids camp, but I also worked for three weeks of youth camp and a Royal Rangers camp too.
The whole experience of camp had a learning tool for me; I have heard God’s word and been used by Him. My patience has been tried for sure, but the most cool thing had been meeting an awesome woman of God that has stolen my heart. God revealed Himself in a new way while I was here at camp… He showed me that He is Beautiful…


Cool New iPad Background

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So, in the past few hours I’ve been learning some new things about WordPress. Yes, they do have a lot of neat options for themes, and different ways to post. Yet I had a lot of trouble making this one work! But look at it this way, I know ten ways not make an iPad Background for WordPress, and 1 way that might work:) Check this out!

PS: If y’all think I did a good job, or you think I did a poor job, or you think you know how to do it better, write it in the comments:) Btw, It looks good on my iPad2

My 5th attempt at setting a background for WordPress for iPad

iPad Background

School Of Urban Missions

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I’ve had a great time this school year, and that year is quickly coming to an end. We’ve had fun while giving our best for the Lord.

SUM is a fully accredited Bible College that prepares men and women to impact cities for Christ. Our vision is to recruit and train indigenous leaders that produce change. We accomplish this through a commitment to academic excellence, practical hands on ministry, and personal mentoring. Our ministerial philosophy is driven by the statement of Jesus: “…and whosoever would be first among you, shall be SERVANT OF ALL.” (Mark 10:44–ASV)

School Of Urban Missions website is available for any questions you might have; (in case your wondering, financial aid is available, as well as many of the cohort programs offering student housing)

We have a lot of fun at SUM, but the parts that really stick out to me are the eternal moments… moments when lives are changed before my eyes; the moments when God’s Spirit is overwhelming, those are the moments I remember.

There are currently (as of 2011 summer trimester) 6 cohort locations in Louisiana. They are located in 3 different cites: West Monroe, La; Shreveport, La; and New Orleans, La. There are countless ministry opportunities within each home church, and each location has specific ministry focuses that make each cohort location distinct.

A quick list of training and serving opportunities: Children’s Ministry, TV Evangelism Ministry, Homeless Ministry, Media Ministry, Prison Ministry, Seniors Ministry, Louisiana Downs Ministry, Bourbon Street Ministry, Traveling Youth Evangelism, Street Preaching Ministry, and many more….

Learning is Awesome

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greek learning picture

Learning Greek is Fun

I am an avid learner, and when I catch on to something new I like to drive after it, sometimes at the expense of other things (but that’s just me). A couple of months ago, I really got hold of the Greek (language) bug, and pressed hard into learning Greek on my own time. Well, now it’s time for my Biblical languages class, and we’re to the dreaded Hebrew learning.

But the thing is, I love a challenge! So, as hard and hair-pulling as it is, I love it! It’s just the making myself study part that gets hard… 🙂

For anybody who wants to learn along with us, these videos are a really good place to start (I suggest getting the textbook also, because it is invaluable having something in front of you to reference!)

First Video: Learn the first two letters (Alef and Beyt) and a vowel (Qamatz)

Second Video: Learn the third and fourth letters (Gimmel and Dalet) and a vowel (Patach)

Third Video: Learn the fifth and sixth letters (He and Vav) and a vowel (Segol)

Fourth Video: Learn the seventh and eighth letter (Tzayin and Chet) and a vowel (Sheva)

Well, that’s all for now. I’m with this guy, that it’s good to spend at least 20 minutes, but don’t over do it! And repetition is the key!

Btw, for anyone wondering or unsure, Jewish people are awesome! So don’t give ’em a hard time, don’t harass them, don’t judge them. But do love them, and show them the love of Christ. They are looking for the Messiah, the Christ; show them a living representation of the King. Love y’all, bye:)